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How to start? 

Let's start back than in 2020 when I just became a Muslim alhamdulillah.


After few months I decide to start wear the hijab and wanted to start wearing more modest clothes, I find it really hard to find anything modest, specifically here where i am from, Luxembourg. That was a big struggle for me, so I decided and I said to myself, if I can't find, I will do it by my own.

so there where everything started, with all my passion, so much effort and going through so many struggles in my life, I started to search and learn how to be my own Boss to make my life easier and other sisters by pleasing Allah swt. This was and is and it will always be for Allah, because the best way that you can be here in this life is how Allah swt wants you to be.

And all my items are from the bottom of my heart to all my modesty Ukhti's 🥰♥️


El Niyyah Founder


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